Swipe left on negativity – download your free e-book

Swipe left on negativity – download your free e-book

And read how five determined and unconventional women got ahead in business.

Things are pretty strange just at the moment. The news is full of Coronavirus, social distancing, hand-washing and death.

Self-isolation has hit many of us hard and affected our work, personal lives and businesses. We can’t go about our usual business, we can’t go to pubs or restaurants – hell, we can’t even order a takeaway like we used to!

It’s a time like no other.

It’s shit.

So let’s lighten up a bit….

Last summer, my favourite client asked me to create an e-book for her. She wanted to celebrate women in business – not high-flying CEOs or suited and booted marketing directors sitting on a board somewhere, but women like you and me, who had an idea, a passion or a talent and turned it into something that worked for them.

So I interviewed four amazing women (and me) to find out how they started out, where they are now, why they’d never go back to a world of being employed and how their businesses work around their lives, their families and their children.

It’s lighthearted, fun and FREE to download.

I think all of us would like to look like our talented illustrator (Steve @ Cartoon2Go) made us appear, but it’s a bit of artistic licence….

Go to Millionaire Beauty and just pop in your email address to download your copy. It’s a little bit of fun in all this utter shit-ness.

Stay safe,

Kate xx