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Swipe left on negativity – download your free e-book

Things are pretty strange just at the moment. The news is full of Brexit, Coronavirus, Brexit, social distancing, Brexit, Coronavirus, hand-washing, deaths, Brexit and Coronavirus.

Self-isolation and Brexit (you might gather that I’m not a fan of Brexit) have hit many of us hard and affected our work, personal lives and businesses. We can’t go about our usual business, we can’t go to pubs or restaurants – hell, we can’t even order a takeaway like we used to!

It’s a time like no other. It’s pretty shit, actually.

So let’s lighten up a bit….

A little while ago, my favourite client asked me to create an e-book for her. She wanted to celebrate women in business – not high-flying CEOs or suited and booted marketing directors sitting on a board somewhere, but women like you and me, who had an idea, a passion or a talent and turned it into something that worked for them.

So I interviewed four amazing women (and me) to find out how they started out, where they are now, why they’d never go back to a world of being employed and how their businesses work around their lives, their families and their children. How we made it – on our terms.

When I stopped caring what people thought of me and started loving what I was doing, doors started opening and it began to take off. I can say ‘fuck you’ to the people who thought I’d amount to nothing. To the editor of the glossy magazine who told me I was fat, 50 and invisible! I relish that – it’s so much more important than money.

Jas Braich, owner of millionaire beauty

My job’s fascinating because it affects lives if something goes wrong at work. But I work proactively with clients to make sure things don’t go wrong.

andrea burrows, health & safety consultant

I’m so lucky to be able to write and earn a living from it.  The ability to switch subjects and write for different media is vital but I love the variety – no two days are ever the same.


I think all of us would like to look like our talented illustrator (Steve @ Cartoon2Go) made us appear, but it’s a bit of artistic licence….

It’s lighthearted, fun and FREE to download here.

Swipe left on negativity – download your free e-book