I’m a freelance copywriter based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

I take complicated subjects and make them simple, clear and easy to understand.

Are you struggling to find the right words for your website, brochure, download or marketing email? It could be time to pull in a freelance copywriter.

“Kate has been an extension to the GS2 Design team for over 10 years now, supporting us in providing creative copy for customer communications, direct mail, brochures, websites and other editorial pieces.

I’m always impressed with Kate’s ability to take complex information, translate a mountain of words and create easy-to-understand content – whatever the subject – and with an enthusiastic smile too!

Kate is a real asset to our business and a joy to work with I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Graham Dickinson, GS2 Design ltd

The way I write is because of the way I read

Whatever I’m reading, what makes me want to keep reading is copy that flows, gets the message across quickly – and speaks to me personally. So, whatever I’m writing, I make sure that I achieve the same.

I produce copy that’s clear and logical – copy that speaks directly to the audience and tells them what they need to know in as little time as possible.

No one should be frustrated by too many words, ambiguity, or complexity for complexity’s sake. No one should read what you’ve written and then have to contact you to ask ‘what if?’ or ‘how?’

When they’ve finished reading your copy, your customers should know what you mean and what they need to do, who they need to call, or where they need to go in order to get what they want.

29 years’ experience – and a freelance copywriter since 2002

I started my career in recruitment advertising. And since then, I’ve worked for a number of agencies and been involved in account management and customer services, always providing copy for clients as part of my role. To be fair, I’ve never been much cop at anything but English.

I was made redundant in 2001 and grabbed my opportunity to go freelance. It wasn’t always easy (ask any freelancer) but nearly 20 years on and I’m still gainfully self-employed. I’m proud of that.

I write for business

I’ll get to the heart of what you need and give you words that do the job, speak to your audience, and get the message across.

I take difficult subjects and immerse myself in them so I can turn them into readable, interesting copy. I don’t like jargon and I’m anal about grammar and spelling.

And unlike a lot of copywriters who might wax lyrical about sitting in a darkened room, lovingly crafting their ‘pieces’, you’ll find I’m a bit more practical than that.

I get to know your business so I can write for your business.

My Humphs and beautiful Belle
On my 53rd birthday – 13/10/2020. In the place that I love – Pembrey in Wales – with my best friend and my three dogs.

Me? Well, I’m proud to be a mad dog lady

Most people would describe me as ‘dog mad’. But I’m not just mad about dogs, I’m passionate about rescue dogs and the problems caused by over-breeding, neglect and abuse.

I’m vehemently opposed to greyhound racing – it’s not a sport, it’s systematic abuse and exploitation – and I’d like nothing more than to see an end to the industry. I’ve spent many a day helping out at greyhound kennels, meeting new dogs who have just come from racing and seeing first hand the kind of damage that’s done.

I’ve had four of my own – Mollie, Hallie, the amazing Lucas Blue and Jess.

No dog can ever match Humphs for all-round goodness
Belle and Jess

Jess is still with us – she came to us as a mad 16 month old (I only did the transport run, but couldn’t part with her) and she’s quite an old lady now at nearly nine. I also have a huge donkey-sized lurcher, Mister G, a Romanian rescue and all-round lovely idiot.

We recently lost my beautiful Belle, a rescue picked up on the streets of Ireland, and the pain is still raw….

In 2012, I faced my biggest fears (flying, heights and falling from a great height) and threw myself out of an aeroplane at 13,500 feet (that’s 2.5 miles!) with nothing but a man and bit of cloth attached to me to raise money for Dogs Trust.

That’s how much I love dogs!