I have a great base of regular clients – and while I don’t specialise in one particular area, I do seem to have found a niche in financial services. Having said that, every day is different. I get to work on some great projects and I love the variety.

Mortgages and savings accounts

Offset mortgage case study – broker

I’ve written a lot about mortgages, both for brokers and for consumers. One of my biggest clients is a building society, the third (or sometimes fourth) largest in the UK.

For brokers, I might be telling them about specific changes to a complicated part of lending policy. For consumers, I might be explaining the difference between an interest-only and a repayment mortgage or what ‘loan to value’ means.

Mortgage payment holidays – consumer

These two very different audiences require two different ways of writing. Both need to be clear, but for brokers who work day in and day out in the industry, we can use acronyms and some jargon safe in the knowledge they’ll know what it means. For consumers, the language needs to be much simpler with mortgage-specific phrases clearly explained.

On the savings side, some of the messages we’ve communicated over the last few years have been difficult ones about rate reductions and Brexit. I also helped out with the user journey comms for Strong Customer Authentication – a UK-wide initiative to make online banking even more secure.

Melting Magic – Millionaire Beauty

Skin care

Millionaire Beauty is a home-grown skin care company run by a powerhouse called Jas. She creates organic products that help specific skin issues like hyperpigmentation and dark circles.

I write her product descriptions for her and together we created an e-book – How To Swipe Left on Negativity and Get Ahead in Business. It’s free and you can download it here.


I write a quarterly newsletter for the Sales Division of a global engineering company and regular blogs for a narrow elastic manufacturer. I’ve written marketing comms and articles about specific subjects, such as hydrogen and technology transfer and on-site nitrogen generation.

An email campaign for Parker’s NITROSource system generated 11 strong UK-based leads in a matter of weeks.

I’ve written websites for press tooling, design and component manufacturers, producers of rubber extrusions, and ground engineers. (And immediately forgot everything I learned).

Everything else…

I’ve written about IT, architecture, accountancy, graphic design, holiday parks and space travel. I’ve created FAQ pages specifically to help with SEO – helpful, informative pages that use the keywords without ‘stuffing’ or sounding clumsy.

I’ve proofread novels about murder, mystery, and monkeys. I’ve written for Barclaycard and interviewed their customers and employees all over the world. I’ve written recruitment portals and transcribed weighty, indigestible HR paper documents into web pages.

I write blogs and case studies for customers to keep their content fresh and their search engine rankings high.

There’s very little I haven’t written about and very little I haven’t enjoyed. I love a challenge and I especially like a complicated subject.

Take a glance at some of the projects I worked on last year.

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