On-site nitrogen generation from Parker

A recent email campaign drew on a topical issue and quickly generated leads for a global engineering company

The problem:

If you’re involved in food and beverages or the brewery industry, you may have been hit hard by the recent CO2 shortage. The last supply crisis in 2019 left many manufacturing sites unable to operate – and with the price of CO2 now tipped to increase five-fold, it could be time to look for an alternative.

The solution:

NITROSource from Parker allows manufacturers to generate their own nitrogen at a fraction of the cost of shipping in CO2. And nitrogen can take the place of CO2 at many stages of production – from storage and counter pressure filling for food and beverages, to CIP pipework, filling and kegging for breweries.

The NITROSource system takes up little space, provides a continuous supply of inert gas and could reduce a production plant’s carbon emissions by more than half.

Campaign requirements:

An email to manufacturers in two industries – food and beverages and breweries – making them aware of the benefits of using nitrogen over CO2. 

A follow-up email and social posts guiding them to the NITROSource landing page so they can make an enquiry.

The result:

Sent at the right time and with the right message, a targeted email campaign can deliver a visible and fast return on investment. It’s a business decision.

“Our email and social campaign was activated last week and within five days, we received five solid enquiries for our systems. Thank you for your help.” 



As of 22 November, after the follow-up email and social posts were sent out, Parker had received a total of 11 strong UK-based enquiries.