Case studies, blogs and profiles

Case studies, blogs and profiles

New content improves your rankings in the search engines.

Profiles, blogs and case studies are a great source of fresh, interesting content and can help to grow your search engine reach organically.

Stories about your customers, employees and your products also give a good insight into how you work and what type of business you are.

I’ve written case studies for Barclaycard and for various recruitment portals. I’ve interviewed employees about projects they’ve worked on then written up pieces for internal newsletters. I write regular blogs for Jas at Millionaire Beauty, coaching insights for Vicki at Innate Coaching and articles forĀ Darren the wedding photographer about wedding venues and the couples he works with.

And I’ve written case studies for Coventry for intermediaries about their self-employed lending policy and how Offset mortgages can help their clients.

Where do we start?

If you’d like me to write some case studies and profiles for you, all you need to do is identify who could tell a story about your company and I can speak to them. For a blog, just give me some bullet points and links and I can do the rest.

Get in touch….

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