Words are important.

Get them wrong and you’ll lose business.

I lose track of how many times people ask me to ‘work my magic’ on something.

Well, it isn’t about magic. It’s about thinking clearly and logically and understanding that the way you communicate has a direct effect on getting customers to trust you, do business with you, and use you rather than the competition.

But to get there you have to understand your audience, define your key messages – and decide what action you want your readers to take.

“Kate’s copy is fluent and straightforward. Complicated things become simple, dull stuff becomes interesting and you end up wanting to buy without ever having been sold to. But be warned: don’t get into an argument with her about apostrophes.” Rik Pipe, Digital Marketing Consultant 

Does your tone of voice reflect your organisation?

How do you come across? Stuffy, stiff, formal, slightly muddled? Or is your language simple, clear, open, friendly, meaningful, unambiguous? No, you don’t need to dumb down, but you should speak the language of your customer.

“Time and time again, Kate exceeds my expectations and always manages to turn my ramblings into absolute masterpieces. Her writing is just like her – clear, concise, creative, honest and to the point. She adds richness to words without adding waffle.” Tonya Bolton, Empowerment Specialist, Writer and Performer.

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