Ooh, embarrassing typos

Ooh, embarrassing typos

Embarrassing typos, funny mis-spellings and bad grammar – in pictures.

I have to give credit to The Graudian newspaper for some of these, and of course, Google.

There are some great examples out there and always will be. At least, that is, until more people employ a proofreader!






















How many can you find?




From the Barker and Lucas bible of 1631…



From the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper 2011


The devil is in the detal….





Mitt Romney’s campaign – May 2012.







At least it’s fresh…..






Some older adults do this as a matter of course!



This directory advertises an in-house copy editing and proofreading course…..






How one tiny letter can change a meaning….




Whoops. Let’s hope people don’t take this literally.







Oh dear. This poor little polar bear was actually called “Knut”.









A very easy mistake to make….