The most incredible IT guys

The most incredible IT guys

So, I recently wrote an article along the lines of – ‘it doesn’t really matter what you write about, it’s the process of writing that’s the great part’.

And this project, writing and updating the web content for an IT company, showed quite clearly that the bad boys at D&D are the bees’ knees in IT and that it’s pretty damn interesting too.

They do things with servers, infrastructures and unified communications the rest of us can only dream about.

I had no idea what virtualization (American spelling is deliberate although of course, it sets my teeth on edge) or SonicWall was, but the passion and knowledge that shone through when I spoke to them was tangible. They’re very clever people!

It was only when they started telling me what a hacker could do via your Smart TV that I got really scared and closed my Facebook account down….

If you need IT support for your business, these guys should be your first port of call. Because they don’t sell, they help.