Goodbye to the world of mortgages

Goodbye to the world of mortgages

People often say to me when I tell them what I’m working on, ‘isn’t that boring?’ or ‘how dull’.

But when you love what you do, it isn’t about the topic because the craft of copywriting stays the same.

Copywriting is about researching, reading, finding out everything you can, speaking to people within different businesses, hearing their passion for what they do, sifting out the important information, thinking about what people need to hear, then getting the right message across.

I never get bored of writing, no matter what the subject.

And having worked in the world of mortgages for a number of months, I’ve discovered that I’m actually a bit of a mortgage geek. Last year there were big changes in the buy to let market and all of these things had a huge impact on the industry and on private landlords, however small their portfolio. There were tax changes, affordability changes and implications for landlords who own four or more properties.

Each new piece of legislation – and the Coventry’s approach to it – had to be communicated clearly and thoroughly to brokers so they had the right information and could give their clients the correct advice.

It’s been interesting and fast-moving. Stressful at times, but that’s business.

And from February, I’m out of the world of mortgages and back to freelancing full time again.

I decided to take on a contract for three days a week because I love Coventry Building Society and thoroughly enjoy the work. But I’ve discovered (like I didn’t already know) that I’m a freelancer through and through and I can’t wait to go back to being self-employed full-time, even with all the stresses and uncertainties that world brings.

An ideal day for me is to be at my computer at home, busy with work for a variety of clients, with three dogs snoozing behind me and a lot of peace and quiet.

I’m a typical copywriter. But I’m also a bit of a mortgage geek too.