Looking for a UK break this year?

Looking for a UK break this year?

We’re the laughing stock of Europe anyway, so it’s probably a good idea to stay closer to home!

Pretty much everyone knows my views on Brexit by now. And to be honest, now the so-called ‘negotiations’ have started, I’d probably be embarrassed to show my face in a European country.

But that’s ok – because lodgeswithhottubs.org.uk has a huge choice of luxury cottages in England, Scotland and Wales with … yes, you guessed it, hot tubs. A great selection of cottages – at good prices.

I’ve been writing descriptions for this client’s series of holiday websites for quite a few years now. You can find a lodge or chalet with your own private hot tub in just about every area of the UK – some are really luxurious and quite a few are pet friendly. So you won’t even need to find someone to look after the pooch.

There are some great last minute deals too – so pick an area and start searching for lodges with hot tubs.