The largest, most trusted online payment provider for schools

The largest, most trusted online payment provider for schools

ParentPay allows schools to receive payments securely online.

  • It makes life easier for parents because they can add funds to their account to pay for school meals, trips, after school clubs, uniform, stationery and fees.
  • It’s safe because it removes the need for children to bring cash into school with them.
  • And it gives schools a fully automated banking and reconciliation service where money can be settled into multiple accounts.

Schools that use ParentPay have fewer errors, reduced costs and spend far less time on administration.

It is also a communication tool, allowing schools to quickly send out payment requests, balance alerts and general school communications, online, by email or via text message.

Working closely with the Marketing Director, writing the copy for the new ParentPay was an iterative process.  The old website was a huge beast of a thing – it had grown organically over the years and there was a vast amount of information to sift through.

First, we had to decide on the key benefits and messages – then text had to be re-written, heavily edited and reduced to fit in with the ‘banner’ style as the new website was under development at the same time.

I was given a log-in for the CMS so that I could amend and copy check once it was all in place.

The new site is clearer and much less wordy. It uses visual content, lists and bullet points to show the benefits of the product.