Helping greyhounds find homes…..

Helping greyhounds find homes…..

Everyone who knows me knows that I love greyhounds and despise the racing industry *.

Well – fortunately, I now have a chosen charity and it couldn’t really be more perfect! I’m working with GRWE (Greyhound Rescue West of England) writing up some heartwarming case studies about people who have adopted these wonderful creatures.

  • There’s Higby, a whippet/lurcher cross who was found in a terrible state in Ireland but now works four days a week helping dementia sufferers at a day care centre.
  • And Harry, a big, black ex-racer who quite simply, gives his mobility-impaired owner a reason to get up and out in the mornings!
  • And there’s Teddy, (in his owner’s words), a ‘scruffy, goofy-looking’ boy who literally makes his people cry with laughter at his antics.

If you’ve never considered having a greyhound in your life, spare a thought for this wonderful breed. There are too many that need homes at the end of their racing career and they really do make amazing companions.

There’s nothing like seeing a greyhound run for fun, not for profit.

* Incidentally, any views expressed about greyhound racing are mine, and mine alone. They are not a reflection of GRWE’s stance on the industry.