Big adventures for Little Explorers

Big adventures for Little Explorers

I’ve been working on a great project for the last few months.

Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy are on a BIG adventure, going from country to country sending letters, souvenirs and photos back home so that children can learn about the countries, languages and traditions of the world.

I’ve been writing the letters and it’s been a lot of fun thinking about the best bits of each country and what will spark the kids’ imaginations.

Designed to complement the National Curriculum for Geography Key Stages 1 and 2, this project is an interactive and fun way for kids to learn. They get a passport and a travel suitcase, plus a wall map with stickers so they can mark out the countries they’re learning about. They’re given activities to do each month and the letters provide talking points so that parents can continue the learning and discussions.

Whether it’s visiting the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, climbing the Great Wall of China, making Origami, meeting giant pandas or eating pains au chocolat in Paris, this is a great way to bring the world to life and really teach kids about geography!

Initially, I was concerned about creating the right tone of voice, but this has been a real collaboration with a longstanding client and it’s been wonderful to be able to use some imagination and creativity. Together, we’ve pooled ideas and developed the right tone of voice and style of learning.

The web copy is being developed at the moment and there are more ‘out of this world’ adventures planned, so watch this space!