What a difference a dog makes…

What a difference a dog makes…

Last year I had the surprising pleasure of being asked to proofread two books.

One was a thriller that was eventually serialised in an American magazine and the other was the heartwarming story of the K9 Project.

The K9 Project, run by Chris Kent, uses an amazing team of rescue dogs to help people (with emotional difficulties, for example, or children who aren’t benefiting from conventional education), develop their confidence and learn new skills.

With programmes such as Take the Lead and K9 Confidence, the dogs show us that whatever we’ve been through, it is possible to put the past behind us and move forward. Chris and her beautiful dogs help people of all ages and from all backgrounds develop and improve their life skills, find new direction and unleash their potential.

If you’d like to find out more and support the K9 Project by buying a copy of the book, then follow this link.

“As a first time author, I found your proofreading so helpful. It really allowed my stories to shine. You offered so much more than proofreading in fact – your suggestions made things flow and have greater impact. You were also helpful, efficient, timely and approachable – great to work with in every way.” Chris, K9 Project.