Ssh – Barclaycard’s global website is coming soon….

Ssh – Barclaycard’s global website is coming soon….

For the last couple of months, I’ve been writing the copy for the new Barclaycard global website. It won’t be live until the end of January, but it’s been a terrific project to work on.

They really wanted an upbeat, positive, friendly tone of voice. They wanted to tell the story of Barclaycard and to show how their products make life easier for their customers – and their customers’ customers.

The project involved interviewing Barclaycard customers and staff – and writing their stories.

For example, did you know that Barclaycard helped the Royal British Legion increase donations on London Poppy Day 2012 by 83% by providing contactless technology and the people to support the terminals?

Or that one London fashion retailer has increased his sales by 300% in eight months, just by harnessing the flexibility of a Barclaycard ePDQ machine?

As soon as the website goes live, I’ll let you know.