Back in corporate land with Barclaycard Bespoke

Back in corporate land with Barclaycard Bespoke

Since March this year, I’ve been working on a project for Barclaycard, writing offers for Barclaycard Bespoke.

Bespoke is a targeted offers site, offering vouchers and discounts on products you’re probably going to want. And they know this because they hold tons of data about what people buy.

While it was great to get involved in a big project (and it’s always nice to get out of my spare room and meet new people occasionally), it was interesting to see the chaos that ensued as a couple of launch dates came and went. Clearly, even multi-million pound organisations find it difficult to manage large projects.

Sales people in charge of creatives – ha!

For a short period, they had sales people in charge of the copywriters, cracking the whip and yelling ‘more offers, more offers’, ‘how many have you done’, ‘targets, targets, targets’! As you can imagine, it didn’t work.

The copywriters got more and more sullen (as we are wont to do) and started muttering under our breath, ‘bugger off – you’re just a revolting salesman. You deal in commission. I’m a creative, I have integrity!’

Eventually, we did get there. Thousands of offers got validated, written, passed through copy clearance, sent for approval, came back for amends and we finally got to click the ‘submit’ button. The site launched in May to a fanfare of national advertising with Gok Wan fronting it all.

The finished site looks slick and professional. Hard to equate that with what went on behind the scenes.

And this is the url if you fancy taking a peek.