Using content to build your brand

Adding content to your website is the best way to engage, attract and retain an audience.

Articles and blogs attract interest and loyalty – and user generated content that can endorse and validate your products and services. Intelligent, well thought out content is the foundation of your digital presence and it will also organically improve your search engine rankings.

Most digital marketing experts now agree that content and content marketing is one of the most important aspects of an online strategy.

Social media pages and forums work well alongside your site, but it is your website that is the centre of your digital marketing efforts.

It’s here you want your visitors to come back to, it’s here where customer trust is highest – and it’s here where your brand has the biggest control and impact.

Consumers who want to learn more about a product are four times more likely to visit the company’s website than their Facebook page, even if they originally learn about it from a social network.*

A company’s website is still the primary destination for information that supports a purchase decision. And relevant content and social experiences are what drive them to your site.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your site fresh, engaging and interesting. If you’re going to change one thing this year, commit to adding a couple of news items to your site each month that can also form the basis of an e-shot to your clients and updates to your social media pages.

It can be time-consuming, as I well know. If you want to keep on top of it, it might be worth outsourcing this hugely valuable part of your content strategy to a copywriter.

I can research articles for you or speak to people in your company and write some intelligent news articles for your website each month. Then we can use the COPE (‘create once, publish everywhere’) strategy to make sure that your online presence is integrated throughout your site, blogs, social media and online PR.

Keywords within the articles will improve your rankings, and you’ll start to see how adding good quality content can help build your brand and increase your credibility.

* Findings from Incyte