Writer’s block? Maybe you just need a starting point…

Writer’s block? Maybe you just need a starting point…

As much as anyone, I know how hard it is to write copy for yourself.

I agonised over writing the copy for my own site – it took me weeks and weeks of tweaking, editing, deleting, re-writing – and often walking away in frustration. A brave (or stupid) admission for a copywriter, eh?

I knew how I wanted to present myself – I obviously wanted to reflect my personality (sometimes outrageous, often cheeky and always irreverent) but I also needed to show that I was professional, reliable, fast, efficient and affordable.

I hope I achieved it (I tentatively welcome feedback) – but at least content management systems allow you to change, update and amend whenever you like so I’ll carry on tweaking indefinitely, I suppose.

Writing my own copy was a useful exercise.

It showed me what other people, who aren’t writers, can go through when they have a project that needs copy.

It also demonstrated how hard it is to write copy about a subject that you’re too close to!

What I really needed, actually, was a starting point – I could have done with someone to write a few pages of copy for me that I could then change and craft into exactly what I wanted.

What I needed was a copywriter!

Fortunately, providing a starting point is something I can do for my clients and it’s often one of the best things I can do for them.

And even more fortunately, given my line of work, I don’t have any problems writing for other people.

I can look at your business objectively, put myself in your customers’ shoes, break through jargon, define your key messages and write for your audience.

If what you need is a first draft – some written words that will kickstart your writing and help you get your copy to the right place – I’m sure I can make your life easier.