Birmingham City Council – HR portal

A project for Birmingham City Council involved turning paper-based HR policies into web copy for an interactive HR portal. The portal was to be used by a variety of people – from bin men (or refuse engineers) to senior officers, PAs and admin staff.

It wasn’t just a question of re-writing or editing – we also had to break the content down into pages and create the information architecture around it. This involved thinking carefully about the different audiences and the way they used the web. What information did people need, where did they expect to find it – and how could we arrange it logically?

I became fully involved with the team for around a year on the project. We held copy workshops and from these, I created a style guide that ensured that the content published, the tone of voice and the way it was presented was consistent, logical and geared towards the many different users.

“You’ve provided an invaluable contribution and made a real difference to the work of the team. I couldn’t have managed without your expertise and the willingness to support us and the very flexible approach you always took.” Elaine O’Sullivan, Project Manager.